Project: picsbuffet

Description: Picsbuffet is an image browsing system to visually explore and search millions of images from stock photo agencies and the like. Similar to map services like Google Maps users may navigate through multiple image layers by zooming and dragging. Zooming in (or out) shows more (or less) similar images from lower (or higher) levels. Dragging the view shows related images from the same level. Layers are organized as an image pyramid which is build using image sorting and clustering techniques.

Use picsbuffet to visually browse 830000 free images (CC0) from pixabay in your browser. It is a easy as navigating Google Maps.
Navigate to picsbuffet for Pixabay

In this demo we have applied the picsbuffet idea to visually browse IKEA product images. Please use German keywords for searching products.
Navigate to picsbuffet for Ikea

Use picsbuffet to visually browse millions of images in your browser. As with mapping systems you can easily explore and search huge sets of images.
Navigate to picsbuffet for Fotolia

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