Kiano - Keep Images Arranged & Neatly Organized

Kiano Similarity Search

Kiano helps to look at your photos in a completely new way. With simple gestures it is possible to visually navigate through all your photos (from your System Photo Library), which are organized according to their similarity on a huge map.

Kiano is the only app you need to view and find your photos. Besides image maps with a flat or perspective view, Kiano also offers list views, a professional photo viewer, and a visual similarity search.

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  • View your photos at once on an image map
  • Images are sorted by color or by content
  • Visually navigate your photos like picsbuffet
  • Flat or perspective map view and standard lists
  • Attractive, easy-to-use interface
  • Search for images similar to query images
  • Search for images taken nearby another image
  • Powerful image viewer (zoom, pan & swipe navigation)
  • Slideshow and Video player

Download Kiano for
MacOS 10.15 Catalina and above (Kiano 1.5 beta 1)
iOS 11 and above (Kiano 1.4)


  • Q: Can I display images from folders with Kiano? A: Kiano presents photos from Apple's System Photo Library. You can have multiple Photo Libraries and assign any of them to be the System Photo Library, but you cannot just open a folder containing all your images.
    We have a rather old application called ImageSorter that allows to visually arrage photos from multiple folders. However, image recognition and sorting is not as good as with Kiano, and we no longer support ImageSorter.
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  • Q: Do you have any plans to release an Android version of the Kiano application? A: No. Currently we do not have any plans to release an Android app because it would be a completely different project. english all
  • Q: Can Kiano generate photo mosaics using the ‘color tiles’ from my photos? A: No. Kiano cannot not generate mosaic images, however there are many freely available tools that can do this. english all
  • Q: Where can I get more information about the principle and implementation details of Kiano? A: Have a look at You might need to translate the text because it is in German.
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