GPR1200 - A new challenging CBIR benchmark dataset with focus on image diversity and clean class labels. Use this collections of images to test image descriptors for their generalizability. Read more.


PicArrange helps to find images on your Mac computer much easier than ever before. Opposed to the Finder app, PicArrange can sort images not only by name or date, but also by content and color. Read more.

PicArrange for macOS 10.15 and above.


Kiano - Keep Images Arranged & Neatly Organized
This app helps to look at your photos in a completely new way. Navigate visually through all your photos. Read more.

Kiano for MacOS 10.15 and above (beta)
Kiano for iOS 11 and above


Use wikiview to explore Wikimedia Commons images. Search millions of images by keywords, colors or uploaded images. Wikiview is an example of a graph-based image navigation system.

Try wikiview here.


Preview of our new reseach project. Search private untagged images with keywords or explore them using an interface similar to Google Maps. Read more.

ImageX for Windows 10 x64 (for old hardware)
ImageX for Mac OS X 10.13 and above


akiwi is a semi-automatic image tagging system able to suggest keywords for unknown images with minimal user input. Use akiwi to find keywords for your images.

Tag your own images now.


Use picsbuffet to visually browse millions of images in your browser. Explore the photo collection of Pixabay, Fotolia or even the product line of IKEA. Read more.

Picsbuffet for Pixabay, Ikea or Fotolia


The game Apetopia helps the computer to determine perceived color differences. Players choices are used to model better color metrics.

Play the game.


Use our (older) ImageSorter software to view hundreds of your images visually arranged by similarity. Read more.

ImageSorter for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
ImageSorter for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard


Clustering helps to get an overview of different concepts associated with a query. Even with very vague keywords particular images can be found very quickly.

See for yourself. Go to the website.


Image navigation the better way. Due to the visual sorting, PicsLikeThat can show several hundred images allowing easy inspection.

Try it out now.

neural art

Draw a simple sketch, which the computer immediately transforms into appealing pictures. We use a neural network that generates "paintings" with an artistic style.