Graph-Based Browsing for Large Video Collections

Authors: Kai-Uwe Barthel, Nico Hezel, Radek Mackowiak

Abstract: We present a graph-based browsing system for visually searching video clips in large collections. It is an extension of a previously proposed system ImageMap which allows visual browsing in millions of images using a hierarchical pyramid structure of images sorted by their similarities. Image subsets can be explored through a viewport at different pyramid levels, however, due to the underlying 2D-organization the high dimensional relationships between all images could not be represented. In order to preserve the complex inter-image relationships we propose to use a hierarchical graph where edges connect related images. By traversing this graph the users may navigate to other similar images. Different visualization and navigation modes are available. Various filters and search tools such as search by example, color, or sketch may be applied. These tools help to narrow down the amount of video frames to be inspected or to direct the view to regions of the graph where matching frames are located.